15 questions with the Coco Residence Lifestyle Manager, Gulguna Saidyominova

Oct, 19 2017

Currently holding the position as the Lifestyle Manager at Coco Residences, Gulguna comes with rich 7 years of experience in the Maldives tourism industry. Her everyday task involves making sure our guests have a pleasant stay with an impeccable service!

With an immense love for tropical paradises, she shares a quick guide to enjoy the best of Coco Bodu Hithi in the below Q&A.

1.    Three must-have’s at the Air breakfast buffet? 

Signature omelet from the chef is my secret to start a perfect morning, together with fresh pressed orange juice and of course Maldivian Fresh tuna sashimi. You can never go wrong with fresh sashimi! 

2.    Where do you think the herons on the island are most likely to hang out? 

You see, herons may look quiet and solitary creatures, but they sure love to accompany our guests on villa terraces and always posing for the perfect Instagram pictures.

3.    Your favourite inflatable pool float? 

Haha! I think everybody knows that my favourite is the big pink flamingo!

4.    Lunch with a view? Hard to choose, but if you had to choose 1 spot?

That’s a hard one, but my favorite is the STARS restaurant.  During daytime, it’s very serene and tranquil.

5.    If you had to choose 1 Coco Residence to stay in, which number and why? 

Each residence villa has something special about them, but if I choose I would definitely go with sunset view 613.  Sunsets are always amazing from there. 

6.    Do you remember the first Bodu Hithi turtle you met?

I have been enjoying watching them from the edge of the pathways during snorkeling & diving so I`m afraid I forgot which one was first, but I have spotted Chloe (one of our resident turtles) more than a couple of times.

7.    Three things you would recommend to take to the sandbank near Bodu Hithi?

Coco Bodu Hithi sandbank itself has a very beautiful reef around. Of course taking a snorkeling gears is a must, secondly is the sunscreens & a Bluetooth speaker is always a great idea.

8.     If you had to pack a bag for 1 day as a guest on the island, which 5 things would you put in? 

I love taking pics so first thing will be my camera, variation of swimsuits for my Instagram pictures & a snorkeling mask.

9.    Three things that most guests pack, which they don’t need to pack when coming to Bodu Hithi?

Snorkeling gears, umbrellas & and high heels

10.    Your go to “off day experience” on the island? 

My day off on the island always starts with an early morning dive, afternoon few hours with the book on the beach and evening sunset yoga 

11.    What’s the best spot to watch the sunset on the island? 

Right from my office - The Residences, for the guests, I suggest to do it with a glass of Martini or Champagne!

12.    Top Insta-worthy spots on the island? 

 It`s definitely the Coco Residences sunsets and by the infinity pool with a signature cocktail in hand.  Perfect place for a selfie!

13.    If you are to choose, the most romantic thing to do on the island what would it be?
The private pergola dinner on the beach!

14.    Top underrated things about the Maldives that make you love the Maldives?

Maldives is a very special place and the only way to understand it is to visit and experience it.  
It’s tropical lifestyle, starting from it`s beautiful white sandy floors and the food selections, open-air bars, the color scheme of turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches, the blue, pink, purple & yellow skies,  for the big sun and the rainbows in the mornings, to highlight a few.

15.    Why you love Coco Bodu Hithi?

I must say Coco Bodu Hithi is a great place to work. It`s been a great honor and I feel very lucky to be part of the Coco Family. Every day is a new opportunity to improve my skills and share it with my lifestyle team. I love my job because every day is different; I enjoy talking to guests and build a lifetime relationship. 


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