Celebrating Women’s Day with Aishath Rifqa

Mar, 07 2024

From 13th century female rulers to the spirited and ambitious young people of our modern community, women of the Maldives continue to serve as inspiring role models.

Today on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the diversity of women, their abilities, and their interests at Coco Collection by introducing you to one of our own associates. She is not only gregarious but is also a perfect example of modern Maldives.

We sat down Under the Banyan Trees at Coco Bodu Hithi with Aishath Rifga, Executive Assistant to the Chairman and Managing Director of Coco Collection’s parent company to talk about her many talents and passions.

Affectionately known as Rifu, she hails from Rasmaadhoo in Raa Atoll, an island in Maldives which is famous for the traditional music “Boduberu” which is deep rooted in our culture. The technical, aesthetic, and the learning aspects associated with Boduberu have been passed down to generations by the island elders in Rasmaadhoo, blending tradition with rhythmic splendour. Rifu tells us how for any youngster growing up on Rasmaadhoo, it was one of the most important things to learn in their initial years of life.

Rifu started practicing this art at an early age as did the majority of the girls on the island. Years later, in order to keep this fading tradition alive, she became a founding member of the Maldives' first and only all-female boduberu group, Faiymini Boduberu Group. The group aims to preserve and promote this dwindling tradition in the modern era while also empowering young women in a traditionally male field.

Rifu has been an inspiring young women in in many other ways too. She is determined to have an impact and play a part in shaping young minds. A part-time lecturer working on her PhD, she believes in the pursuit and preservation of knowledge as vital to the development of women and society as a whole.

Today, Coco Collection honours the tenacity and fortitude of women everywhere and celebrate the beauty of the diverse paths they walk in life.

Happy Women’s Day!

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