World Oceans Day 2023

Jun, 08 2023

This World Oceans Day, Coco Collection continues safeguarding the ocean and aims to protect the coral ecosystems through the collaboration with the University of Milano-Bicocca – a collaboration which shares the values and underpins the importance of Coral Rehabilitation and Conservation!

Coco Collection is thrilled to welcome our new Marine Intern, Arianna Pica, who would be joining Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu on 08th June.

Ariana recently graduated in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Milan, Italy, and has completed her Master Degree investigating the potential effects of micro-plastic on invertebrates of the Mediterranean Sea.

“The aim of my research is to create an inventory of the coral species, trying to estimate the island total richness and community structure, as well as to provide a starting point for further investigations (such as outlining the threat level of the reef, and analysing coral diseases)” says Ariana.

Meanwhile, Chiara Fumagili, Sustainability Officer of Coco Collection has visited Dr. Montano’s and Marhe Centre Lab at the University of Milano Bicocca, while she was in Milan meeting the PhD students!

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