A Maldivian Classical Romance - Dhon Hiyala & Ali Fulhu

Feb, 19 2018

This Valentine’s Day our guests relished in an abridged version of a Maldivian classical romance of Dhon Hiyala & Ali Fulhu. This is an epic love story passed on from generations to generation. Most call it the Maldivian version of Romeo & Juliet, with some debating on it's origin, others have concluded it as folklore. Romeo of this story is Ali Fulhu, a charming handsome man who takes a heroic journey to meet the love of his life. Juliet is Dhon Hiyala, a beautiful young woman who was described as the epitome of beauty at the time.Their love takes a melodramatic turn when the King falls for Dhon Hiyala.

Did you know?
The islands, Dhon Hiyala & Ali Fulhu are from, still exist. Dhon Hiyala was born inThaa. Buruni, an island in the central Maldives. Today you can see historical places like the “Kamana beach”, and the fields of “Koamas” marked in Buruni island. This is where much of the story took place.

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