Coco Story : Trailblazers in Design & Architecture

Jul, 18 2022

This year, the Maldives celebrates 50 years of its tourism industry. To mark this momentous milestone, we wanted to share with you some stories from our own, almost 40-year history within the field.

What began as a one-man travel agency in the 80s grew to be a family venture by the 90s, with 4 Maldivian brothers coming together to shake up the landscape of Maldivian tourism.

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu opened in 1998 and would go on to be the first Coco Collection resort.

In this new series, we’ll be sharing stories from the past as well as excerpts from the original, hand-drawn document illustrating the concept and vision for Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu; one that would shape the direction of our company and the industry for years to come. From construction to operations, our values of sustainability and local tradition are embedded deep in our history.

Today we’re sharing how elements of Maldivian culture have been worked into the resort design, architecture, and even associate uniforms—a fitting nod to our culture from the first locally-owned contemporary luxury resort in the country.