Island Wanders

Feb, 01 2024

Visitors to Coco Bodu Hithi quickly get used to its unforgettable experiences, ambiance, food, and its excellent services, but the island is now abuzz with its latest scenery.

As you step into the island, your eyes are immediately drawn to a number of breath-taking features, including the swaying palm trees, the dreamy clear blue water, and the crystal-white beaches that surrounds them.

As you make your way through the main jetty, unearth the hidden beachside location on the island; Under the Banyan Tree, with sunrays filtering through the trees creating a breath-taking picture.  It is the perfect setting for an evening stroll or to relax under the shade of the trees, complete with cosy benches and well-maintained walkways as you enjoy a quick game on the giant chess board.

Going further into the island, discover the iconic and dramatic infinity pool ahead with its glass edges that has undergone a complete makeover.

The Infinity Pool at Latitude has always been the ideal spot to unwind and enjoy mesmerising views of the tranquil lagoon. Now with its new contemporary look of dark slate grey tiles that creates shades of the deep blue oceans of the Maldives, the elegance and beauty of the beachside pool has only been enhanced.

Indeed, our Latitude Bar is the perfect location for an intimate evening with your loved one, a high tea with the girls, or to simply bask away under the sun.

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