Manta Festival at Baa Atoll

Nov, 26 2018

The UK-based Manta Ray conservation charity Manta Trust hosted the first-ever Manta Festival in the Maldives this November, and Coco Collection was thrilled to take part in the event. 

Held on the local island of Dharavandhoo in Baa Atoll, this festival brought together local schools, communities, resorts, and environmental organisations in Baa Atoll and across the country. The festival aimed to raise awareness about the ocean and manta rays, as well as the threats they face. 

Our Marine Biologist from Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu attended the festival by supporting our neighbours from Thulhaadhoo with their stall. 15 students from Thulhaadhoo School, along with several of their teachers and parents were able to attend the festival with our support. 

The students conducted several games about marine life at their stall, such as a quiz about manta rays, and a “Guess the Animal” puzzle game. The students also designed a manta sculpture in traditional Maldivian lacquer-style, which was displayed at the stall. 

Our friends at the Olive Ridley Project were also at the festival, bringing to light the dangers of ghost nets on marine life. 

The students ended the day with a snorkelling session in Dharavandhoo lagoon with our snorkelling guide; for some of them, it was the first time they got to try snorkelling. The students really enjoyed the experience and are keen to learn more about marine life, and we are very much looking forward to organising more snorkelling sessions with them in the future. 




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