Olive Ridley Project: Not Just Saving Turtles

Oct, 31 2019

We are very excited to tell you about two of our cutest patients that have taken up residence at the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre this month.

October proved to be a challenge for the wildlife at Coco Dhuni Kolhu due to the onset of some unusual weather patterns within the region that had caused a spell of downpours and windy days.

During the tropical downpour, disaster had struck! A juvenile white-breasted water hen had broken its leg and a baby bat had been tragically orphaned. Luckily for our winged friends, the heroic guests of the resort braved the greying clouds, whistling gusts, and drizzling rains to save them.

The Olive Ridley Project’s Vet, Dr. Jackie immediately rushed the young water-hen into surgery and got to work setting its bone before bandaging the fracture and admitting both the water hen and the baby bat into care under her expert supervision.

The baby bat and water hen quickly became guest favourites as they began their journey to recovery while playfully discovering the nooks and crannies of the Rescue Centre and hungrily finishing all of their meals as all growing critters should. The baby bat doubled its weight in just two weeks and was already testing its wings, eager to begin flying lessons.

The water hen recovered very quickly under Dr. Jackie’s care and was confidently using both legs in no time at all. Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to our new fuzzy friend as it was reunited with its family.

The baby bat is continuing to get stronger and bigger by the day and we are confident it will be busy flitting through the trees of Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu in no time at all.

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