Protect our Species

Apr, 17 2019

All living things have an intrinsic value, and every organism plays a unique role in the complex web of life. At Coco Collection, we believe that we must unite together to ensure the long-term survival of threatened species, their habitats, and the people who depend on them.

At Coco Bodu Hithi, Earth Day festivities will start off with a rejuvenating snorkelling session to celebrate our divine deep blues, followed by a coral planting session. In the afternoon, channel your inner artist by joining in our sand sculpture competition. In the evening, let your earthly spirit fly as we screen Chasing Coral, an important documentary about the disappearance of the world’s coral reefs.

At Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, embrace Earth Day with an enlightening eco-awareness session where we will shine a light on the importance of biodiversity and protecting our natural world. In the afternoon, join our associates and your fellow guests in our efforts to ‘leaf’ the resort as well as our neighbouring local island, Thulhadhoo. We will also be stirring it up at Conch Bar by lighting up a bonfire with live music under the starry skies.



Share your Earth Day moments using #CocoCares and #ProtectOurSpecies



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