Celebrating 10 years of Sea Turtle Science and Conservation at Coco Collection!

Apr, 19 2023

Coco Collection celebrates 10 years of Sea Turtle Science and Conservation 2013-2023!

Marine and sea turtle conservation has always been a priority at Coco Collection, and in 2013 this was taken a step further. We launched the Turtle ID project, the first of a series of scientific initiatives that we believed could make the biggest and long-lasting positive impact in our corner of the world.

Sea turtle population structure, distribution, habitat use, and migration patterns can all be better understood with the aid of photo identification (ID). This in turn helps to develop appropriate conservation strategies for these endangered species. All we need is pictures showing each side of the turtle’s face, which displays their unique pattern of scales.

Thanks to the efforts of our marine team and the encouragement of our guests and colleagues, Coco Collection sea turtle ID programs have successfully continued for ten years. And to mark this 10-year milestone, we are happy to share the pictures of our very first sea turtle individuals identified at our resorts!             

Meet Tina, the first turtle recorded in our Coco Bodu Hithi database. This hawksbill turtle was sighted on February 19th, 2013, at Manta Point.

Meet Bombo, the first turtle recorded in our Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu database. This hawksbill was sighted on April 6th, 2013, at Muthaafushi Thila.

Do you have any Turtle ID shots? To find out who you went swimming with, share them with us on our new dedicated Instagram account, @cococaresmv

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