Edible Spa Juice Bar

Mar, 19 2019

Last year, Coco Collection launched our unique Edible Spa Menu; a delightful spa menu where the treatments use entirely edible ingredients. From coconuts to cocoa powder, this menu utilises ingredients straight from the kitchen cupboards to create a truly wholesome wellness experience. Treatments from the menu include the decadent Chocolate Cake Scrub, the refreshing Mango Smoothie Mask, and the revitalising Banana Ice Cream Wrap, to name a few.

Our Spa Team at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu have now created a special Edible Spa Juice Bar to complement these treatments. The Edible Spa Juice Bar serves up such treats as the delicious Coco Lassi, made with fresh mangoes, kiwi, honey, and coconut milk- the same ingredients used in the Coco Lassi Face Mask!

The Edible Spa Juice Bar also serves Mango Smoothies, Papaya Panna Cotta Juice, Banana Juice, Ginger Tea, Jasmine Tea, and the local staple, Fresh Coconuts. 

The ingredients used in these drinks, as with their complementary treatments, have been selected for their healthful properties, such as the hydrating benefits of coconut water, or the concentration of vitamins in mangoes and kiwis. 

These refreshing drinks are available exclusively at the Coco Spa at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu.

Categories: Island Flavours Wellness