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Coco Dreams Green

Oct, 03 2018

On World Oceans Day 2018, Coco Collection was proud to announce Coco Dreams Green, our new initiative to reduce our consumption of single-use plastic. 

As part of Coco Collection’s commitment to protecting and nurturing our environment, we are pledging to increase our sustainability efforts by significantly reducing the amount of single-use plastic on all our properties, including at our corporate office. Our long-term goal is to bring the amount of single-use plastic on our islands to zero. 

Coco Cares is our existing commitment to the practice of sustainable behaviour such as:
• the use of biodegradable straws
• the banning of plastic bags on our resorts
• buying most in-villa toiletries in bulk and supplying to guests in refillable glass bottles
• conducting a monthly island clean-up programme at all our resorts to clean the beaches, reefs, and lagoons of non-biodegradable debris
• a drinkable water production and glass bottling plant at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu

As part of our official partnership with the Olive Ridley Project, we also opened a veterinarian-led Marine Turtle Rescue Centre at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu. Our Resident Marine Biologist works closely with the Olive Ridley Project to remove ghost nets from our seas, and to conduct an awareness and education programme for guests, staff, and local schoolchildren to teach the dangers of plastic pollution and the importance of protecting marine life. 

With the launch of Coco Dreams Green, we are determined to concentrate our efforts to reduce plastic on our properties, and as such are introducing more stringent policies with regards to guest services, facilities, and amenities; services and facilities provided to our associates; and our education and outreach programmes. 

Some of these new policies include:
• using paper straws in all outlets instead of biodegradable plastic, as this plastic breaks down into microplastics which is deadly to marine life and detrimental to our own health
• replacing in-villa amenities with those made from natural materials, such as wooden toothbrushes and cotton buds made without plastic
• introducing large water dispensers in the
associates village and office areas at the resorts, instead of using plastic water bottles 
• placing a special focus on the issue of plastic pollution in our current sustainability and marine conservation awareness and outreach programmes for guests and staff 

Coco Collection has also partnered with environmental non-profit organisation Parley for the Oceans, to regularly collect all plastic generated at our properties to then be upcycled into materials to make new products for companies across the globe.