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Dive into Baa Atoll

Oct, 03 2018

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is situated in the beautiful waters of Baa Atoll, a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and home to a plethora of stunning coral reefs and marine life. This month we spoke with the Dive Master at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, Wolfgang Stadler, to find out some of the best scuba diving spots around the island.

Maavaru Kandu

Located 50 minutes by dhoni from Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, this site is known for its spectacular reef formations. At 6 metres, the reef drops vertically to 30 metres, and has stunning overhangs adorned with brightly coloured soft corals and sea fans. Vibrant reef fish such as angelfish, unicorn fish, sweet lips, and parrotfish, to name a few, can be found darting amongst the hard corals of this stunning reef. This reef is suitable for divers at any level. 

Muthafushi Thila

Famous for its astonishing abundance of marine life, Muthafushi Thila is one of the most popular dive spots for visitors to Baa Atoll. With several cliffs and overhangs filled with schools of glassfish, as well as shrimp and sometimes lobsters and turtles, this reef buzzes with life and activity. Divers may also spot exciting creatures such as lionfish, scorpionfish, or moray eels. Wolfgang tells us that schools of fusilier fish gather so densely in this area, they can sometimes block out the light! This site is perfect for beginners, but more advanced divers are sure to find this a stunning spot to visit. 

Anemone Garden

Named after the sheer number of different species of anemones growing in this area, the anemone garden is a must-visit spot for divers of all abilities. In addition to the magnificent sight of anemones sprawling across the reef, with cheeky clownfish swimming amongst them, you can also expect to see lionfish, stonefish, lobsters, and shrimps within the blocks of coral. Schools of glassfish also congregate in this area, and they tend to attract bigger fish such as tuna and jackfish. 

If you’re a dive enthusiast visiting Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu on the 11th and 18th of May 2018, be sure to sign up for the unique masterclasses conducted by renowned marine videographer and photographer Patrick Dykstra. His sessions will provide guests with insight into the techniques that go into capturing images and video of marine wildlife and will end with a unique guided dive to apply those tips to underwater filming. 

To find out more about Patrick’s residency, please click here