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Our Tiniest Patient at the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre

Oct, 03 2018

Earlier this year, a brave green sea turtle hatchling named Claire found herself a patient at the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre in Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu.

Discovered by some friendly humans near Finolhu, Claire was rescued from the bullying pecks of a crow. Thankfully, she escaped with only a small cut on her left front flipper. However, poor Claire could not swim properly because of the pain, and was also refusing to eat. 

After a few days of love and care (and pain medication), administered by the wonderful Olive Ridley Project veterinarian Pera, Claire was able to improve her swimming and diving, and began to show an enthusiastic interest in food. 

Named after both the first and second Olive Ridley Project veterinarians, Claire was happily released a few days after her arrival at the Centre. 

The team at the Centre made her a special life raft out of branches and sea grass, as turtle hatchlings often take cover among floating sea grass from predators (such as crows!). 

Claire was successfully released in her life raft, and we wish her the best of luck on her adventures. Perhaps in a few years, she’ll come back to our beaches to lay some hatchlings of her own. 



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