7 Questions with Maja Damayanti, Spa Manager at Coco Bodu Hithi

Aug, 31 2023

Maja Damayanti, our Spa Manager at Coco Bodu Hithi, values the importance of balancing body, mind, and soul with a key focus of sharing positive energy only. With 15 years of expertise in the field, Maja has risen through the ranks at prestigious hotel chains throughout the world, including those in Bali, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, and the Middle East.

She has received recognition as the “Best Spa Manager 2016” from the Indonesian Spa Professional Association (IndSpa), the Wellness Master Association (WMA), and Wellness and Healthcare Entrepreneur Association (WHEA).

Maja practises Qi Gong, self-healing meditation, which involves the 7 Chakras Awakening Yoga Meditation, to maintain her healthy, happy, and balanced lifestyle.

1. What does a typical day look like for you in Coco Bodu Hithi? 
I am a morning person and love to do a morning routine such as stretching – usually yoga and a quick meditation before heading out for my day to day activities.

2. What makes Coco Spa so unique? 
The Spa Journey itself! Fresh face towels and Ice Lemon Tea are provided as a welcome refreshment to begin the delivery of an unforgettable experience. The Coco Spa Team pays close attention to every detail while providing care, and our spa guests' warm welcomes and farewells left a lasting impression.

3. What is the ultimate treatment that every guest should experience at Coco Spa?
I notice that most of the guests like to experience something unique when they are seeking an authentic healing treatment, so I deliver them a Back to Nature concept which features a selection of:
• Edible Spa Menu Head to Toe Organic Treatments
• Bliss Around the World which includes different types of massages from Eastern to Western Strokes
• Naturopathy Holistic Treatments cum Traditional Chinese Medicine by our Special Naturopathic Doctor
• A selection of Ayurvedic based on 3 Doshas Body Types (Vita, Kapa, and Vatha)
• Renowned Facial Skin Care
• Daily choice of wellness and mindfulness activities

4. What’s the most insta worthy spot on the island?
The view of the sunset on the Main Jetty deck at the Coco Residence as I always love to see guests wearing their gorgeous dresses taking photos there. Even I take pictures there too! 

5. How do you spend your free time? 
I always remain to stay connected with LOVE in all the things I do. So I call my loving family, I listen to music that I love, watch some interesting news, and funny videos to light up my senses. 

6. What would you recommend a honeymoon couple for a truly romantic experience?
Coco Spa offers a carefully selected “Just 2 of Us” romantic experience for the couples, and I would recommend that to our love birds.

Lost in Paradise 
The romantic indulgence starts with an exfoliating dry body brush to detoxify the skin & increasing blood circulation followed by romantic couple massage using warmed olive oil & Red Wine showered on the body. The romance ends with an exotic of bubble bath and a glass of Red Wine for two.

Journey to Maldives  
Capturing the true essence of Maldivian charm, tranquility and beauty, this ‘Journey to the Maldives ritual will rekindle your senses and lead you to a place of synchronized harmony.
Treatment Includes:  Foot Ritual (Seashell Massage) and a choice of Coconut Body Scrub or Island Spice Body Wrap, and Cleopatra Milk Bath.

7. Share us your top wellness tip with us?
Practising Gratitude & Collecting Blessings every day.

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