Meet our Lifestyle Host – Gnei Matheena Jamalon

Oct, 18 2023

As Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu celebrates its birthday this December, we are excited to present our Lifestyle Host, Gnei Matheena Jamalon, in the next episode of the 25th Anniversary series.

While Matheena is renowned for providing exceptional services during the stays, her gracious and amiable personae is hard to forget. She is one of the multilingual associates who frequently receives praise for her proficiency in German language here at the island.

As an experienced Lifestyle Host, Matheena has served multitude guests, including repeater guests from different nationalities, and more while ensuring a flawless personalized stay.

Should you choose to explore the island and more, a dedicated Lifestyle Host is available to lavish your comforts!

Watch to find out more.

Categories: People