The Joy of Mixology

Aug, 23 2022

Our talented mixologists at Coco Bodu Hithi are ready to share their secrets!

You can now take a turn behind the bar and learn how to mix up your favourite Latitude cocktails. Our bartender will teach you 3 basic methods of cocktail-making: layering, shaking, and muddling, so you can make your tipple of choice. 

Aside from learning these mixology techniques, you will also get to learn basic flavour combinations and of course, try all the cocktails you make!

Best of all, you can put your new skills to use back home with our cocktail recipe book sharing the secrets behind some of Latitude’s signature drinks!

Mixology Class per person: $49++
Venue: Latitude 
Every Wednesday & Saturday from 4pm – 5pm. 

Categories: Experiences Island Flavours