Introducing the Deluxe Pool Villas

Jan, 28 2024

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is simply known for its tropical magic.

From opening out to a stunning view of the ocean to meeting the artisan skills of its residents, our lush green island not only preserves its surrounding ecosystem but also revives the lost traditions of the Maldives.

While the island has been a sublime destination for over 25 years, we are here to share with you one of the latest new additions to the resort – the Deluxe Pool Villas.

Our 10 Deluxe Pool Villas are dotted along the beaches of Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu and holds within them the charm of Maldivian architecture. As you enter the villa you are greeted by a soulful retreat which provides rustic island living with a dreamy king-sized bed complete with net canopy, cosy sofa, and a quiet sitting area with a table and chair. You will be enthralled as soon as you venture further into the villa, as one of its most striking and prominent features is its spacious garden bathroom with sunken bath.

Of course, the highlight of the villa is outdoors - envelop yourself in the azure hues of the sky above and the gentle breeze of the sea nearby as you take a dip in the 104 ft² freshwater pool wrapped by the luscious vegetation. Each pool has been custom designed to curve alongside the private beach.

After a dip, dry off the baking Maldivian sun on your hammock tied between the swaying palm trees or curl up on your cosy sunbed as you listen to the nearby waves. And don't forget to take your significant other for a walk along the beach just a short distance away through your own private pathway.