Meet Our Biggest Fans!

Feb, 28 2024

From marine creatures to coastal terns, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu has become a sanctuary for a plethora of vulnerable species over the years. While the island enjoys their presence, our team always ensures that these critters have an unforgettable experience with us too!

We recently welcomed our new residents onto the island as they arrived in style, rattling their trains while everyone stared in great admiration. These peafowls—an adult Indian blue peacock with an ornate train and a female peahen with grey, brown, and green plumage—were rescued last year from Kaafu Atoll and brought to the island as we opened our hearts to them.

Even though they've been enjoying their island life in private for the most part of their stay, they can sometimes be spotted within the vegetation as they spend their early to mid-mornings on the ground, foraging for insects, worms, seeds, and other items. And remember: if you encounter them, remain calm and observe from a distance as it gives these wild animals an easy route to scurry away.

They are often also found near the Associate Village of the island, showing off their ability to roost in high areas while showing off their beautiful colours and feathers. Given that there is only one male peafowl on the island and that peahens choose their soulmates, one would assume that it must be simple for this particular peahen to find her soulmate.  But surely, he makes it difficult when he looms over her from high above!

We hear they amusedly roam the island in search of names, so stop by our official Instagram account, @coco_resorts, to see our peacock post. You are welcome to suggest names for them in the comments section!

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